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Hydropower and home-based work.

The visitor experiences how water power was used via turbines and hears about the consequences of the change from home-based work to factory work.

Hydropower and home-based work

Water used to power large water wheels and turbines here. The industrial ensemble has featured a unity of place of work, warehouse and farm building, hydropower station, lodging houses and the mansion with a park.

Guided tours and visits

On the guided tour you will visit the locksmith's shop and the carpenter's workshop at the "chapel" and receive explanations regarding hydropower and cord transmission. The turbine tower with its water turbine is fascinating to see. Learn more about the tough everyday reality of the workers of Neuthal and get an insight into the past of the Töss Valley and the life of Adolf Guyer-Zeller, textile manufacturer and constructor of the Jungfrau railway.

Guided tours for groups are possible by appointment throughout the year.