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Weaving Machine Collection Rüti.

Europe's unique RÜTI weaving machine collection is located at Neuthal close to Bäretswil.

From thread to grey fabric

Have the development of different weaving procedures demonstrated by our specialists.

Experience 136 years of weaving history at the weaving machine collection and follow six different weft insertion systems and see how thread becomes fabric:

- Shuttle loom
- Rapier loom
- Projectile loom
- Air-jet weaving machine
- Wave shed weaving machine
- Linear shed weaving machine

Highly interesting is the engineering effort of mechanical solutions prior to the introduction of electronics (dobby and jacquard machines, yarn monitoring, bobbin change).

Visitors may "see, hear and discover" 136 years of weaving machine construction.

Group size: max 25 persons per group

All rooms of our weaving machine collection are wheelchair accessible.