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Open-Air Events and Concerts.

Kloster Fischingen

Culture at the Fischingen Monastery

Culture at the Fischingen Monastery.

The Fischingen monastery has been a centre of culture ever since. Year after year a varied program is offered to the public. Culture at the Fischingen Monastery
Seminarhotel Kloster Fischingen
8376 Fischingen
Tel. +41 71 978 72 11


We collect and archive sound carriers, pictures, music sheets, literature, instruments and certificates of all kinds from the world of jazz. SwissJazzOrama
Musikcontainer Uster
Ackerstrasse 45
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 940 19 82
SET THE TONE - Zurich Oberland's top classic

SET THE TONE - Zurich Oberland's top classic.

The artistic director, Mr Werner Bärtschi, succeeds time and again to bring internationally renowned musicians to the Zurich Oberland. SET THE TONE - Zurich Oberland's top classic
Top Klassik Zürcher Oberland
8620 Wetzikon
Tel. +41 44 865 02 57
Wald Culture Work Group

Wald Culture Work Group.

Wald's culture work group promotes lively cultural activities in Wald. It organizes concerts, theatre, readings, slam poetry and much more.  Wald Culture Work Group
agKultur Wald
8636 Wald
Chesselhuus Pfäffikon

Chesselhuus Pfäffikon.

Aus dem ehemaligen «Heizkessel»-Gebäude der Huber & Suhner AG wurde das Chesselhuus – DIE Eventlocation für coole Gigs, spassige Comedy, Kultur und Events der anderen Art. Chesselhuus Pfäffikon
Tumbelenstrasse 6
8330 Pfäffikon
Tel. +41 44 952 30 20