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natürli Zürioberland Local Products.

Bring home part of the authenticity of the Zurich Oberland.

Ingredients: Zurich Oberland

natürli products stand for regionality, authenticity and pleasure. Top resources and short transport distances allow the highest level of quality. Regionality means that the raw products are at least 80% from the region and not less than two thirds of the value added is created in the region. Our producers create the unique natürli products with a lot of passion and dedication.

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The natürli Zurich Oberland product finder will help you find your favourite product nearby.


The natürli experiences will let you immerse yourself into the production of the Zurich Oberland regional products. Find out how your favourite products are produced and how and where you will be able to enjoy them on a hike or at your party.

Prepare your own regional meal with delicious and seasonally changing recipes with natürli ingredients.