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Wheelchair Accessible Hiking Trails.

Wheelchair Accessible Hiking Trails
Uster › South: Greifensee
Uster › South: Greifensee
People in wheelchairs may enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of the Greifensee shore during the summer months.

On lakeside paths

Between Aaspitz near Mönchaltorf and the historic city of Greifensee, two wheelchair accessible hiking trails have been laid out. Starting at the pier in Niederuster you can choose between following the creek through the nature protection area or you head towards the city of Greifensee from where you can take the excursion boat back to the starting point. Along the way you will find wheelchair accessible toilets.

Knowledge along the trail

The interesting industrial heritage trail through Uster is also wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible trail no. 4 leads from Buchholz sports centre through Oberuster's forest along a forest educational trail passing various viewpoints. The white boards with the blue wheelchair sign guarantee that you will not be stopped by any thresholds or other obstacles when moving along the trails. 

Routes and maps

The wheelchair accessible trails are a service provided by the communities of Uster, Mönchaltorf and Greifensee.

Check out the four flyers on wheelchair accessible trails for more information including fireplaces, wheelchair accessible toilets, bus stops, catering facilities and special attractions.